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Are You Contemplating Fitting Home Water Filters?

Where is the water for your home supplied from? Is your property connected to the main water supply, or do you take supply from rainwater tanks or a borehole? Maybe you use a combination of two or more sources to keep your family and business supplied with all the water you need? Whatever the source of your water, you should be aware that a water filter can be a great addition to your home, ensuring that all the water your family drinks will be safe and clean every time you turn on a tap.

Why install home water filters?

When you watch the water flow from a tap, you might think that it is clear and pure, but that isn't always the case. Hidden in the water could be harmful contaminants that may cause long-term illness as they build up in your body every time you take a drink. The nature of these contaminants will vary depending on your water source but could include lead from elderly pipework or salts and minerals which the water has absorbed through contact with the rocks as it made its way through the ground. Whatever the nature of the contaminants, it is best to install home water filters so that you can be sure the contaminants are removed from the water before it enters your body.

Which water filter would be best?

Not all home water filters are the same. When you talk to your supplier, they will be able to suggest various options for you, but to know which filter you should choose, you must consider the origin of your water. Do you have a lot of dissolved solids in the water which have been picked up underground, or has your water been sourced from a nearby river, in which case a UV water filter could be best? If you aren't sure what is in your water, then arranging to have the water tested would be a good first step. Once you know what you want to remove from your water, you can work out which type of filter you need.

Where will you fit the filter?

There are some home water filters that you can use to filter all the water as it enters your property. There are also water filters that you can use for specific rooms. Depending on what is in your water, you may be content to fit a water filter on your kitchen benchtop or below the sink and just filter the kitchen water that you drink. Your supplier may be able to explain the advantages of each approach and help you make the right choice.