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How The Right Choice of Window Blind Can Really Make Your New Home Sparkle

If you are furnishing a home from scratch, the good news is that you have a clean sheet of paper with which to work and can inject your personality and style to your heart's content. The bad news (to some, at least) is that you have a lot of detailed work ahead of you as you figure out the type, style and placement of so many items of furniture, associated fixtures and fittings. One decision you have to make as well involves the choice between different types of window treatments. You may not be considering curtains, as you want to achieve a more modern look, but you're confused when it comes to your choice of window blind. What options are available to you?

Two Choices

From a big-picture perspective, you essentially have two options and can select between vertical or Venetian blinds. Some people choose to have one particular type of blind in one room and the complete opposite in another, while there are a variety of different "subcategories" of blind in each case.

Utilitarian Verticals

As the name implies, vertical blinds hang from top to bottom. One advantage here is that they do not get dirty as fast, as there is nothing for the dust to settle on, but they take up quite a lot of space on the window sill.

Flexible Venetians

Venetian blinds, on the other hand, are more flexible, as they have very little footprint when either open or closed. They come in wood or aluminium, and in the latter case they are virtually impossible to see through when they are in a closed position. If you want something more substantial, then the wooden blind is the choice for you. The beauty of Venetian blinds is that they will completely disappear into the valance when drawn up, enabling you to enjoy the beautiful view outside on a great day.

Aluminium Venetian blinds come in a variety of different textures and colours. Therefore, if you have one room that does not receive a lot of sunlight, then you can choose a vividly coloured blind to brighten it up. If you want to add a particularly modern element to another room, then you can choose blinds that have textured slats.

Making Your Choice

If total darkness is very important for you in one particular room (such as the bedroom of a night worker), then you might like to choose a vertical blind option in there. However, all of your other rooms would benefit from stylish Venetians.

Style Away

Ask your dealer to see what varieties and colours are available as you plan out your new home.