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Guidelines to Choosing Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are a prerequisite in any home because their visual appeal and functionality cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, with mirrors being a necessity in bathrooms, you would want your mirrors to stand out, and the first step to achieving uniqueness is to consider your bathroom vanity when making a purchase. If you are planning to replace bathroom mirrors by yourself, this article provides a guide to getting the perfect blend of the bathroom vanity

Mirror Size -- The size of the mirror you are looking forward to hanging above the bathroom vanity is of great importance. If you use the wrong size, then the entire bathroom will appear odd. Notably, the most significant determinant of mirror size is the length of the bathroom vanity countertop. It is recommended that the mirror should be 2 to 4 inches narrower than the dimensions of the bathroom vanity. This is your only option if you have a small bathroom with a modest vanity. However, if your bathroom is large and your vanity runs the entire length of the wall, then you have the option of letting the mirror hang the whole length. The reason for matching mirror size to vanity length is that it helps avoid making the mirror overpowering inside the bathroom irrespective of room size.  

Hanging Height -- When deciding on the height to hang the mirror, a significant factor to consider is the users and what you plan to do with the immediate space above the vanity. For instance, if you plan to have light fixtures in this space, then you would need to set the mirror a bit higher. A user's average height must also be considered since hanging the mirror high might not work well with short people.  

Mirror Shape -- Everybody has his or her tastes and preferences concerning bathroom mirror shape. However, if you want to your bathroom to communicate your style, then you cannot just go for your favorite mirror shape. The design of the bathroom vanity plays an integral role in the mirror shape you ought to choose. For instance, if the vanity has a circular top and a curvy body, then you cannot hang a mirror with a spiky shape. Most interior designers advice that if you have an angular vanity, then you should choose rectangular shaped mirrors. If the vanity has an oval top, then have a circular or elliptical mirror. Matching the shape of the vanity to that of the mirror ensures a seamless look inside the bathroom.